Putting the “P” in Play

November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

A British bar has found a way to take the boredom out of urinating, and what better way to advertise for your bar than to offer free video games, that’s right, while you pee. The urinal sensors do not use a camera and are contactless, which allows the players’ urine to control the video game characters. By controlling their urine to the left, right or center the gamer has the ability to play the skiing challenge or the multiple choice pub quiz on the eye-level, mounted screen.

The bar can use the gaming console to promote drink specials, as well as advertise for future events. When bars buy the console they are given a quarter of the advertising spots and have the right to purchase the other three quarters as well.

Although this product is only used in the men’s bathroom, a women’s version is on schedule to be released soon. The women’s version will, for obvious reasons, not use urine to aim, and will be placed in close proximity to hand dryers, to accommodate customers waiting in long lines.

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