A facebook “like” doesn’t mean anything if it’s forced

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I’m sure that by now, we’re all familiar with the Old Spice commercials by Wieden+Kennedy, but this is definitely a new one. Old Spice is selling a deodorant protector shaped like a bear, and yes, this product is real, as they state many times throughout the ad. At the end of the commercial the link to purchase the product directs you to their facebook page where you have to “like” Old Spice before you’re able to buy the deodorant protector (or even see the price), a pretty cheap way to get “likes” for your brand if you ask me.

If someone wants to like your facebook page, they will.  Making people click “like” as the only way to see a brand’s product information isn’t going to do anything positive for your brand, even if it is a completely RIDICULOUS product.  I’ll give W+K this, though:  The ad itself is funny and over the top, which is great for Old Spice.  Directing viewers to the Old Spice facebook page when they click “purchase this product” is a good way to attract viewers to the page, but I just don’t agree with making the “like” mandatory if you want to purchase or see the cost of the product.

The product is ridiculous, which in turn calls for a ridiculous ad. I just think the strategy may have gone south towards the end.


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