Creative work by Leo Burnett for McDonalds

November 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you’re within 3 miles of the McDonalds on N. Clark and W. Ontario in Chicago, you’ll have no problems finding your way to the fries that stand out in the sky. As a part of the campaign, “Best Fries on the Planet,” agency Leo Burnett created this billboard as a “tribute to fries.

Photo Courtesy of Ad Week

Leo Burrnet, of Chicago, is known for their creative billboards for McDonalds. In 2008, they created a giant egg billboard that stood above Wrigley Field to let everyone know when you can get fresh eggs from McDonalds. The egg would crack open early in the morning and stay open from 6:00am to 10:30am. After 10:30am the egg would begin closing again.

Another more recent McDonalds ad catching the attention of people in Chicago is Leo Burnett’s, “Windy City Fries.” This piece was placed on taxis around the city, creating a moving advertisement, where the fries appear to be blown out of the cartons by the wind in “the windy city.”

The creativity within Leo Burnett’s walls is unstoppable as the agency continues to top itself with each new idea. It looks like McDonalds, in Chicago anyway, is in great hands.

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