What is a facebook like?

November 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

What is one “like” really worth? Well according to Edge Rank Checker, not much. A facebook comment is more valuable than a “like” and not just a little more valuable, but 4x more valuable. Edge Rank Checker “analyzed how many Clicks a Post received against each major metric (Likes, Comments, Impressions).” Here are the results:

  • Average Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Average Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Average Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

This means that the more people who actually comment on your posts, the more clicks you’ll receive. So, if your goal is to gain “likes” on your posts or on your fan pages, you should maybe rethink your priorities. Creating content that is intriguing enough for people to actually comment on is going to get you 4x more engagement then a simple “like.”

Now lets take it a step further. What’s more important than comments is shares. If someone likes your post or page enough to share it with all of their friends, you’re doing something right. Thinking back on the post I wrote about how to increase your blog comments sometimes simply asking for people to share or comment will increase the amount of people that actually interact with your page.

According to Edge Rank Checker, “more elaborate techniques will include creating “Sharable” content. Current popular objects that are being shared are funny and/or entertaining images or videos. The trick is to get the fan to “share” this photo/video/etc. with their friends. Make the photo/video/etc. something their friends would actually want to see.”

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A facebook “like” doesn’t mean anything if it’s forced

November 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sure that by now, we’re all familiar with the Old Spice commercials by Wieden+Kennedy, but this is definitely a new one. Old Spice is selling a deodorant protector shaped like a bear, and yes, this product is real, as they state many times throughout the ad. At the end of the commercial the link to purchase the product directs you to their facebook page where you have to “like” Old Spice before you’re able to buy the deodorant protector (or even see the price), a pretty cheap way to get “likes” for your brand if you ask me.

If someone wants to like your facebook page, they will.  Making people click “like” as the only way to see a brand’s product information isn’t going to do anything positive for your brand, even if it is a completely RIDICULOUS product.  I’ll give W+K this, though:  The ad itself is funny and over the top, which is great for Old Spice.  Directing viewers to the Old Spice facebook page when they click “purchase this product” is a good way to attract viewers to the page, but I just don’t agree with making the “like” mandatory if you want to purchase or see the cost of the product.

The product is ridiculous, which in turn calls for a ridiculous ad. I just think the strategy may have gone south towards the end.

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