Why your business should have a Google+ brand page

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With so many social networking sites out there, it’s nearly impossible to keep up, especially with the release of Google+ brand pages about a month ago. At this point, it may be hard to make yourself create and maintain another social media site for your business. Well, this one may be worth it because lets face it, it’s Google, and like we expected they’re integrating brand pages into organic search results in more ways than one.

Option A: Organic Search Results for Brand Page Updates

Choose your keywords carefully when posting updates to your brand pages because they’re popping up in organic search results. Make sure you’re optimizing your status updates to get the best SEO results. By using well thought-out key words, your brand page posts will increase in the Google ranking system, increasing your Google+ presence, and ultimately increasing traffic to your site.

Option B: Organic Search Results for Personal Pages

Now when people talk about your brand on their personal Google+ pages, it will show up as an organic search result. So make sure you’re always keeping an eye out for what other people are saying about your brand on Google+, because what they say may show up on the first page of a Google search for your brand. Create valuable and interesting posts that are share worthy to your Google+ viewers. Enticing people to share your post will get the right search results on the Google search page you want.

Thanks for the insight HubSpot Blog.

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Tweepsmap – Mapping out your followers

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Have you ever wondered where your twitter followers are from? A new app, Tweepsmap, can show you. All you need to do is authorize the app and in a matter of seconds, Tweepsmap will show you exactly where all of your followers are from using the information your followers gave Twitter when they first signed up for their accounts.

Tweepsmap shows the location of your followers in a Google map. It also allows you to display your followers’ locations as a list and a pie chart. Personally, I like the google maps view because it allows you to zoom in and out and view your followers location by country, state, or city.

This tool is not only interesting for the average user, but could be a great tool for businesses. By using Tweepsmap, business owners could see that they have a lot of followers in Europe and not as many in the US. If they’re marketing to people in the US, then they’re missing out on a large amount of business they could be receiving from Europe. Tweepsmap can show business owners when they’re missing specific locations with their marketing and when they’re right on target.

Although it’s a relatively basic app, it’s pretty interesting and if you’re not a business owner, it’s still pretty cool to see where all of your followers are from.

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Social Media: It’s All About Strategy

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Although social media may be “the new media,” it’s no longer new. It’s been around long enough that simply creating a Facebook or twitter page isn’t necessarily going to get people to click that “like” or “follow” button; you need to be persuasive. Being persuasive in social media is key to getting your message heard, because if you don’t make it worthwhile for someone to click on your page, you’re wasting not only their time, but yours as well.

Being strategic is key. You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints or start a business without a plan, so why would you make a facebook fan page if you don’t have a focused goal? That plan doesn’t have to be as strict as blueprints for a house and, yes, the plan can change as the medium and goal does. But you should always have one main focus. The focus can be to create a community, to raise awareness, to generate a conversation, but whatever it is, make sure it is clear and you understand how you’re going to execute it.

Here are a few tips to help you along the process, with some help from Mashable’s, 6 ways to be more persuasive with social media:

Be Likeable. And no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the “like” button on facebook. Ask yourself, “Do people like me?” Being likable means being genuine and honest, because no one likes a liar. Not only do you need to be honest but you need to be nice too. Watch your tone and make sure you’re interacting with people in a pleasant, polite and sincere manner.

Make people want to listen to you. This means showing off. Have you ever been published? Do you write for a well-known blog? Talk about it. What about building a company or developing software? If you’ve done anything noteworthy, brag about it, but in a tactful manner, of course. Showing that you have been professionally recognized for your achievements proves that you are worth listening to.

Get popular. Make yourself available, but not too available. Creating specific, well known, times to be online for twitter chat or setting deadlines for sales and promotions will help. The more followers and fans you have, the more likely people are going to think, “Well, this person must have something good to say.”

Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you while you start up or revamp your social media pages. If you need any tips on good tools to use feel free to visit a previous post, Social media tools you should be using for personal use, because these tool are good for business, too!

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Social Media Sharing

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Thanks Clearspring Technologies, for the infographic.

Cool Google Infographic

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Here’s an interesting infographic about Google that you may not have seen before. Thank you Business MBA for the great find!

The most interesting part of this for me was finding out that 97% of Google’s revenue is still from advertising. With Google continually growing, that just tells you advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is only evolving to fit the times and adapting to the type of advertising that is appropriate today.

Google Behind The Numbers
From: BusinessMBA.org

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