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November 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you’ve watched anything on Hulu+ lately, I’m sure you’ve seen Sprint’s “chart commercial,” the BestBuy “Game on Santa” commercial and Degree’s “motion sense” commercial. Why have you doubtlessly seen these ads? Because they replay them so many times it makes your head spin.

The Sprint commercial was annoying the first time I saw it, mostly because it is just like every other boring cell phone providers ad, saying, “the other services are lying and we’re actually better.” Well, after 8 more times, I started to get really annoyed. I’ve now seen the commercial more times then I can remember, and each additional time I see it I hate Sprint just a little more.

The first time I saw the Best Buy “Game on Santa” ad, I smiled and thought, “Oh, that’s a cute ad.” Well, it’s not cute after the 5th time. And really Degree, I bet I have seen your commercial more times then your “test” participants have heard the bells on their wrists jingle.

(The Sure version of the Degree Commercial)

My point is, stop over playing commercials. All it does is take an ad that was maybe interesting the first and/or second time and make everyone sick of it by the 4th and 5th time, by the 8th or 10th time we just want to throw a shoe at the TV.

My message to advertisers: don’t let your ad be over played. It kills the message.

My message to Hulu+: Figure something out so you’re not overplaying the very few ads you have. Either obtain more advertising from different clients, or have less commercial spots; either of those options would be better than what you’re doing now.


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