Watching what you say in social media

November 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Watch what you’re sending out via your social media channels. If you’re saying something negative about your job, there is always the possibility of another employee, or worse your manager seeing it and having negative repercussions because of it. With social media as the center of everything, many large corporations have internal social media policies. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re off the clock and sitting at home in front of your laptop at 10pm, if you decide to tweet about how much work sucked today, or how this one customer or worse yet, manager, really got on your nerves, you should probably think twice about it.

An Apple employee in the UK sent out a facebook post that portrayed Apple in a negative light, which he claimed was private. At this point, everyone should know NOTHING on Facebook is really private. After management found the post, the employee was immediately fired, no questions asked.

If your employer has an internal social media policy, I would advise you to take it seriously, especially with a company like Apple that has such a huge social media presence. Even if your company doesn’t have an internal social media policy, it doesn’t make sense for a company to ignore someone defacing their brand to the world via social media. So before you hit that post or tweet button, think twice about what you’re saying. Because it’s probably not worth the risk if it can get you fired.

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