How online advertising is exploding

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In the past, the primary advertising platforms were TV, radio and print. The problem with these platforms is that advertisers are only able to hone in on a broad demographic of people. Yes, daytime TV commercials advertise to stay at home moms and commercials on MTV cater to young adults. However, young adults consist of a large range of different people, whether they are men or women, who are 13 years old or 27. If you ask me, there is a big difference between the types of products a 13-year-old boy is going to buy compared to those of a 25-year-old woman.

Social Media is changing advertising, and quickly. With the addition of social media to advertising campaigns, brands are able to get their names out there, and to the exact person they want. Facebook and Google provide advertisers with all the information they need in order to advertise the perfect brand to you. Have you ever noticed how the ads on the right side of your facebook page seem to appeal to you, maybe more than the commercial for the sonic that is 50 miles away from where you live? That’s because facebook takes your gender, age, location, interests and everything else about you, and gives it to advertisers so they can create the ad that relates perfectly to you.

The other big appeal of online advertising is the fact that it’s actually measurable. Advertisers can measure the number of clicks, the number of views, the number of people who “like” the product, etc. Measuring these allows Media Planners and Social Media Specialists to calculate Click-through-rate, click-per-cost and click-per-lead ratios. With these results, clients are able to calculate a more accurate Return on Investment, making social media a valuable aspect of advertising. (Idea Industry, Brett Robbs and Deborah Morrison)

This is our advertising reality. There’s no need to create a one-size-fits all advertising campaign, when you can produce relevant advertisements to a specific target audience, if you wanted to you could even target a specific person. Advertising is changing and I don’t see it changing back any time soon.

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Why PR should own Social Media

September 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here at Abraham Harrison, we know the importance of social media in a public relations campaign. Many PR agencies use social media in their campaigns to help gain awareness for their client’s brand and product. However, campaigning through social media cannot simply be done by just anyone with a facebook account, at least not successfully. You need to have a social media strategy, know the people you want to connect with, and not under or overload the public with your message.

With social media booming as a way to market to your publics, PR needs to own up to the responsibility of integrating social media into their campaigns. PR and social media go hand in hand; you can’t be successful with only one. Just because social media is a newer marketing tool doesn’t mean you can throw all the old tools out the window; just the same, you can’t get away with only marketing through events and advertising without using social media. From the World Internet Stats, 30.2% of the worldwide population is using the internet. With this number continually growing every day, why would any PR professional pass up this ideal platform to market their client’s product?

Many people don’t know how to successfully market online. You have to develop a strategy to promote your client; you can’t just blindly create a twitter account and expect it to have a positive impact on the brand. With a social media strategy you want to connect with the early adopters, the online creators and the critics. These are the people who are going to write about your client’s product and help generate awareness. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to market a product, and the people reading online reviews are more likely to believe the average blogger than a company representative. Therefore, the PR agents need to connect with the bloggers, creators and critics as they test out and promote the brand and product.

Social Media Specialists are taking over the PR world. They are gaining awareness about their client’s brand and products, most of the time with a cheaper price tag then the “old fashioned” PR tactics. It’s time to reposition yourself in the PR world and try some new tactics, if you haven’t already. Familiarize yourself with this online world. Embrace it. Accept it. Social media is the new now; don’t get left behind.

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MediaFeedia – Potential Facebook Manager

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I recently came across a fun find, which opened my eyes to a market of possibility in the social media world– Mediafeedia. Two months ago, Mediafeedia opened a social media management platform for businessowners. Unlike some of the other social media managing dashboards like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, Mediafeedia focuses solely on Facebook, recognizing the negative repercussions of utilizing the same social media campaign across every networking platform.  Because each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, concentrating solely on Facebook allows Mediafeedia to accentuate its strengths and downplay its weaknesses.

At this stage in the networking world, businesses need to engage with their customers online, not just weekly or monthly, but every day. With more then 500 million users logging on daily, Facebook is the place to be for businesses to advertise and communicate with customers. Sometimes advertising your business on Facebook can be overwhelming, especially for those business owners who own multiple businesses, but Mediafeedia has provided a platform that makes it much easier to manage all of those accounts.

Not only can you manage multiple accounts, but you can also schedule status updates for those accounts with pictures and links, not just days or weeks, but years in advance. This avoids confusion between pages, and helps to ensure your posts are published in a timely manner.

At Abraham Harrison we know the importance of multi-tasking and praise the powers that be, to the tools that help us do so. It’s Websites and softwares like Mediafeedia’s that cut hours off  monitoring. It’s evident every day how necessary engaging on social media sites is, and no one is a stranger to the power that Zuckerberg and his Facebook updates seem to have over us. Maybe that was Mediafeedia’s thought process; Spend more time on our Website, spend less time on Facebook.

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