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I love animals, advertising, snowboarding, public relations, dancing, and people (not in that order). I wouldn’t exactly call myself an artist because I don’t draw… I doodle. But let me tell you, my stick figures are awesome. I may be a perfectionist, and I may pack my schedule a little too tight, but that’s the way I live and the way I work. If I’m not busy I’m bored, and somehow I still get everything done on time.For the more professional stuff:

I’m a curious and creative Public Relations and Advertising major with a Communications minor at the University of Oregon. I even stopped by Portland Community College to get an AAA Paralegal Degree. I’m currently  a Co-Director for Ad Society, an Account Executive for Allen Hall Public Relations and involved in PRSSA. I also work for Abraham Harrison, a digital public relations agency, as an Online Analyst and a blogger for Marketing Conversations and Business 2 Community.

This blog is meant to showcase what I’ve been doing at the University of Oregon, plus whatever else I decide to throw in there. Please let me know what you think about any of my work, comments are always appreciated, and if you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them.

To contact me please email : jrowe03@gmail.com



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