Tweepsmap – Mapping out your followers

December 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered where your twitter followers are from? A new app, Tweepsmap, can show you. All you need to do is authorize the app and in a matter of seconds, Tweepsmap will show you exactly where all of your followers are from using the information your followers gave Twitter when they first signed up for their accounts.

Tweepsmap shows the location of your followers in a Google map. It also allows you to display your followers’ locations as a list and a pie chart. Personally, I like the google maps view because it allows you to zoom in and out and view your followers location by country, state, or city.

This tool is not only interesting for the average user, but could be a great tool for businesses. By using Tweepsmap, business owners could see that they have a lot of followers in Europe and not as many in the US. If they’re marketing to people in the US, then they’re missing out on a large amount of business they could be receiving from Europe. Tweepsmap can show business owners when they’re missing specific locations with their marketing and when they’re right on target.

Although it’s a relatively basic app, it’s pretty interesting and if you’re not a business owner, it’s still pretty cool to see where all of your followers are from.

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