Don’t give out too much information

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

As the holidays draw near and crime becomes more prevalent, be careful what you’re posting on your social networking sites. Before you “check-in” on foursquare or add a location to your facebook posts to show you’re at that cool resort away from home, make sure you realize you’re telling everyone on the internet that your home will be vacant and vulnerable to robberies. As sad as it is, we all need to be careful, more so around the holidays. With the economy still in trouble and people more desperate then ever, don’t underestimate your fellow man. Criminals who intend to rob homes over the holidays pay close attention to social networking sites to discover when you’ll be away from home.

This doesn’t mean you need to go buy a state-of-the-art home security system. It just means that you probably shouldn’t be broadcasting that no one will be home over the weekend to everyone on the internet. Basically, think before you post. If whatever you’re posting could in any way put you in a vulnerable position, just refrain from posting it.

Besides, you can post all the cool vacation photos and updates when you get home.


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