Wodka Vodka Pulls Billboard Ad

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wall Street was not the only thing protested in New York City on November 22nd, but Wodka Vodka’s most recent ad as well. The text reads, “Christmas Quality. Hanukkah Pricing.” Many consumers protested the billboard, and called to complain until it was taken down. One of the complaints even came from Ron Meier, New York regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, calling the ploy, “a crude and offensive way of trying to make a point that their vodka is high quality and inexpensive, the billboards evoke a Jewish holiday to imply something that is cheap and of lesser value when compared to the higher value of a Christian holiday.” He also stated, “To use the Jewish holiday in dealing with issues of money is clearly insensitive and inappropriate.”

Brian Gordon, the creative lead behind the campaign told CNN, “As a Jew growing up, the only thing we could say was we had eight nights, and Christmas had only one day, so we had eight days for the price of one… with our brand, our message is you can get more for less, eight nights versus one, and we don’t need to wrap ourselves in fancy packaging.” Well Gordon, this is not how the public read the ad.

The ad only lasted about 24 hours before it was pulled and an apology showed up on Wodka Vodka’s twitter stream that said, “Although rarely serious, we apologize to anyone we may have offended through our holiday campaign and are removing our billboard immediately.”

The ad is paired with previous ads that have been a controversy that read, “Hamptons Quality. Newark Pricing.”, and, “Escort Quality. Hooker Pricing.” Wodka… You’re really setting that bar high, huh? The next time you decide to include a religion in your advertising, you should probably make sure it isn’t going to piss people off first.


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