Some tips from Levi Patterson, Account Executive at Pollinate in Portland:

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tips for the aspiring Account Executive.

Be curious. 

Don’t take anything at face value. Find an ad you really like and research it. Use Google Analytics and Ad Words to see why the ad works. Research its facebook and Twitter following and understand why the brand is succeeding. Find the strategy behind the advertisement. Don’t only understand the good brands, but know why certain brands aren’t succeeding as well.

Be curious enough to have knowledge on everything, especially social media. If you grew up with it, you should know it better then anyone in the industry.

Understand people on the streets and know what motivates them. If you don’t know, find out; don’t ever stop learning.

Be adaptable.

Put yourself in tough situations and rise above them. Be able to read people in the room, know your audience and know how to adapt to them. You may have to start answering phones and doing the work no one else wants to do, but show that you want to help with everything and anything and you’ll get more responsibility.

Put yourself in uncomfortable positions, move somewhere you’ve never been, and talk to people you’ve never met.

Be selfless.

Don’t focus all of the attention on yourself. Help others succeed too. Find the solution for the greater good of everything. Know when to take the blame for a mistake and never throw your partner under the bus.

Thank you for the amazing advice Levi!


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