Never stop learning from the Beatles

November 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

In the video Collaboration according to Paul, Paul talks about how even though Ringo and George were not writing songs, the Beatles would not be who they are today without them and without collaboration.

With me, when I’m given a group assignment in class, sometimes I feel like I would rather just do it all myself; at least that way I know it’ll get done the way I know it needs to be. However, that’s just not the way it works in the real world. Sometimes you’ll be partnered with a flake; other times someone will match your wavelength perfectly. Although, we hope for the latter, it doesn’t always happen that way so it’s important to learn how to work off of other people’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to adapt in all situations.

Being able to collaborate can make or break you. Nearly every advertisement you see, whether good or bad, was created through collaboration. All of the amazing technology we have was created through collaboration, and all of the buildings and houses that keep us warm and dry we’re built through collaboration.

The Beatles really relied on being able to collaborate while they were still together. Which is something I think everyone can learn from. So let go of your ideas, share them with your team and start to show your soul. Because if you never let go and choose to do it all yourself you wont succeed. The creativity of a collective group of people is stronger then any single individual.

Thanks for the great post idea Edward Boches.


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