Social media tools you should be using for personal use

November 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

We’re always hearing about the social media tools that are good for brands and businesses, but what about the ones that are good for personal use, too? Don’t fret, because there are plenty of tools out there that can be used for both. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hootsuite: I prefer Hootsuite to Tweetdeck. It’s easy to navigate and allows you to schedule posts on multiple social media channels. It even gathers intelligence information for you by tracking mentions of search terms you’re looking for. Plus, you can download the Hootsuite app right on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android. You probably wont need anymore than the free version if you’re only using Hootsuite for personal use, however, there are upgrades if you’re so inclined.

Klout: Klout is key to measuring your social media influence. Plus, you can view other people’s Klout scores, which can help you determine who is really influential out of the people you want to reach out to. Klout not only gives you a score with your overall analysis, but also breaks your analysis down, showing your true reach, amplification and network impact.

ManageFlitter: Clean up and manage who you follow with ManageFlitter. You can find out who isn’t following you back and which inactive accounts you follow. My favorite option ManageFlitter offers is the ability to easily search within your twitter stream, and if you wanted to you could even link Google+ to your twitter account. Linking to your Google+ account could be pretty useful with the new Google+ search features, too.

Tweetreach: Although followers do matter, what matters more is how far your tweets reach. All you need to do is search for your twitter handle to get instant results. You may be surprised to see what your reach is.

Buffer: Do you ever feel like you’re flooding your followers? Well, not with Buffer. Buffer makes it easy to share content with your followers without giving them an overflow of messages. All you need to do is post your tweets through Buffer and Buffer will automatically space your tweets out for you.

With these handy social media tools, you can’t go wrong. Make your life easier and check some of them out. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort in the long run. And the best part is, all of these tools are free or have free versions, so don’t worry, I’m not telling you to go buy anything.

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