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Check it out! I have my own legit website.

It is only a shell for now, but by the end of this term I will have some cool work on it. Keep checking back, because I’ll be adding more throughout the year 🙂


Cool Google Infographic

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Here’s an interesting infographic about Google that you may not have seen before. Thank you Business MBA for the great find!

The most interesting part of this for me was finding out that 97% of Google’s revenue is still from advertising. With Google continually growing, that just tells you advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is only evolving to fit the times and adapting to the type of advertising that is appropriate today.

Google Behind The Numbers

Don’t give out too much information

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As the holidays draw near and crime becomes more prevalent, be careful what you’re posting on your social networking sites. Before you “check-in” on foursquare or add a location to your facebook posts to show you’re at that cool resort away from home, make sure you realize you’re telling everyone on the internet that your home will be vacant and vulnerable to robberies. As sad as it is, we all need to be careful, more so around the holidays. With the economy still in trouble and people more desperate then ever, don’t underestimate your fellow man. Criminals who intend to rob homes over the holidays pay close attention to social networking sites to discover when you’ll be away from home.

This doesn’t mean you need to go buy a state-of-the-art home security system. It just means that you probably shouldn’t be broadcasting that no one will be home over the weekend to everyone on the internet. Basically, think before you post. If whatever you’re posting could in any way put you in a vulnerable position, just refrain from posting it.

Besides, you can post all the cool vacation photos and updates when you get home.

Olla Condom’s creative social media campaign

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Olla Condoms found a great way to advertise using social media, and not just by creating a facebook fan page and a twitter account. The creative genius behind this campaign took men’s safe-sex motivation to the next level with the creation of fake user profiles.  These aren’t just any old profiles, however; Olla created facebook profiles for the men’s unborn, yet-to-be-conceived children, complete with individualized photo likenesses.  The “children” were even given the same name as their “fathers”, with “Jr.” added on.  In the friend request, below the child’s name, the text reads, “avoid surprises like this one, use Olla condoms.”

Creating personal sites specifically for these unexpecting guys makes for a memorable social media experience that truly engages the customers with their brand. Clicking the child’s profile reveals a single post, containing a link to the Olla Condoms page.  You really can’t get more personal than a baby who bears your likeness in both name and appearance.

Putting the “P” in Play

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A British bar has found a way to take the boredom out of urinating, and what better way to advertise for your bar than to offer free video games, that’s right, while you pee. The urinal sensors do not use a camera and are contactless, which allows the players’ urine to control the video game characters. By controlling their urine to the left, right or center the gamer has the ability to play the skiing challenge or the multiple choice pub quiz on the eye-level, mounted screen.

The bar can use the gaming console to promote drink specials, as well as advertise for future events. When bars buy the console they are given a quarter of the advertising spots and have the right to purchase the other three quarters as well.

Although this product is only used in the men’s bathroom, a women’s version is on schedule to be released soon. The women’s version will, for obvious reasons, not use urine to aim, and will be placed in close proximity to hand dryers, to accommodate customers waiting in long lines.

Hulu+ we want different commercials!

November 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you’ve watched anything on Hulu+ lately, I’m sure you’ve seen Sprint’s “chart commercial,” the BestBuy “Game on Santa” commercial and Degree’s “motion sense” commercial. Why have you doubtlessly seen these ads? Because they replay them so many times it makes your head spin.

The Sprint commercial was annoying the first time I saw it, mostly because it is just like every other boring cell phone providers ad, saying, “the other services are lying and we’re actually better.” Well, after 8 more times, I started to get really annoyed. I’ve now seen the commercial more times then I can remember, and each additional time I see it I hate Sprint just a little more.

The first time I saw the Best Buy “Game on Santa” ad, I smiled and thought, “Oh, that’s a cute ad.” Well, it’s not cute after the 5th time. And really Degree, I bet I have seen your commercial more times then your “test” participants have heard the bells on their wrists jingle.

(The Sure version of the Degree Commercial)

My point is, stop over playing commercials. All it does is take an ad that was maybe interesting the first and/or second time and make everyone sick of it by the 4th and 5th time, by the 8th or 10th time we just want to throw a shoe at the TV.

My message to advertisers: don’t let your ad be over played. It kills the message.

My message to Hulu+: Figure something out so you’re not overplaying the very few ads you have. Either obtain more advertising from different clients, or have less commercial spots; either of those options would be better than what you’re doing now.

What is a facebook like?

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What is one “like” really worth? Well according to Edge Rank Checker, not much. A facebook comment is more valuable than a “like” and not just a little more valuable, but 4x more valuable. Edge Rank Checker “analyzed how many Clicks a Post received against each major metric (Likes, Comments, Impressions).” Here are the results:

  • Average Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Average Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Average Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

This means that the more people who actually comment on your posts, the more clicks you’ll receive. So, if your goal is to gain “likes” on your posts or on your fan pages, you should maybe rethink your priorities. Creating content that is intriguing enough for people to actually comment on is going to get you 4x more engagement then a simple “like.”

Now lets take it a step further. What’s more important than comments is shares. If someone likes your post or page enough to share it with all of their friends, you’re doing something right. Thinking back on the post I wrote about how to increase your blog comments sometimes simply asking for people to share or comment will increase the amount of people that actually interact with your page.

According to Edge Rank Checker, “more elaborate techniques will include creating “Sharable” content. Current popular objects that are being shared are funny and/or entertaining images or videos. The trick is to get the fan to “share” this photo/video/etc. with their friends. Make the photo/video/etc. something their friends would actually want to see.”

This post can also be read on Marketing Conversations.

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