Hacking at its worst

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Children looking forward to watching the Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel were given a rude awakening when they came across porn, Sunday evening on October 16th. The channel was hacked; all the original videos were taken down and replaced with X rated material, as well as the text and the background changed. The disturbing images were definitely not suitable for children and I’m sure it confused and angered quite a few people. Although the channel was only hacked for 20 minutes, I think many of us would agree that’s far too long on a children’s YouTube Channel.

We can thank Google for the quick discovery, and immediately taking down the site. There are leads on the hackers, however the hacker listed “MrEdxwx” has denied responsibility.

The channel is back up now and to it’s original form. Currently featuring a video on bullying. That just goes to show that if the Sesame Street Channel can be hacked, ANYONES channel can. So, moral of the story, as always, be careful online and keep you passwords and account information protected.

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