5 New Ways to Use Twitter

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Twitter, what’s the point? Isn’t that basically facebook but only status updates?” Commonopinions when discussing Twitter with those odd twitter-less folks. I mean, do we really want to know what people had for lunch and when they’re going to sleep? However;  beneath the surface of all the mundane, unimportant posts, what’s left is engaging and thought provoking.  Oddly enough, there are users out there tweeting things you care about; you just have to find them.

Likeable shares 5 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter, But Probably Aren’t

Join the conversation:

Of the 18 million users in the Twitter community, many will share your same interests; you just have to find them. For instance, if you love Desperate Housewives, there are thousands of other people on Twitter talking about the latest show. Once you type “Desperate Housewives” in the search bar, you can join the conversation- talk about how crazy Susan was acting, or how much you love Gabby’s latest dress. Here are some tips for finding people with the same interests as you.

Find cool new places:

Find new places in your town. Do you think you’ve seen everything there is to see where you’re living? Well, I bet someone else has found something you haven’t, and they’re probably talking about it on Twitter right now. Send out a post asking your followers where to find the best drink specials or the best park to walk your dog; you can even search for your city and see what everyone else is talking about. There is a lot of information out there that you have yet to see, and people are just waiting to give you great advice!

Get free stuff:

We’re all familiar with the marketing schemes of the online contests asking for your phone number in order to win a free car- but you’re left dealing with telemarketing calls for the next year. No one’s asking for your phone number on Twitter, they’re only asking for follows and retweets. With just a simple click of the mouse you can win tons of free stuff. Always wanted an iPad? Twitter may have the most cost effective way to get one, that’s right, for free!

Don’t rely on Google:

Google everything? Now, you don’t have too. You can get almost any question you have answered on Twitter. Instead of reading a generic restaurant review online, ask Twitter and get real time answers from people just like you. Using popular hashtags makes your post visible to the people you want to reach, which helps generate a larger response. The power of social search is constantly growing, and crowd sourcing becomes more reliable every day.

Get great deals:

Do you already follow your favorite store? If not, now may be the time to start. Get great deals and coupons from the stores you shop at the most. Not only does following the store get you great prices, but so do their Twitter accounts dedicated to giving out great deals, such as @searsdeals and @kmartdealsnnews. Get your daily deals for these accounts and never pay full price at your favorite store again!

We forget that Twitter is multi-faceted and a great resource for a variety of conversations. Experience Twitter on a new level and take advantage of all its perks. All it takes is 140 characters to be a part of the buzz and a part of the community. Make those 140 characters count.

This post was originally written for www.marketingconversation.com


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