Is Rebecca Black a social media icon or the downfall of online credibility?

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think we have all heard our elders say, “What is this stuff that you kids call music? In my day we had REAL music!” Well, I think I have finally caught myself sounding like my grandfather…

Rebecca Black, 14, is a pop singer whose music video, “Friday” went viral last March. She is now stating her claim to fame with a semi-new music video, “My Moment.” The song “Friday” received extensive media attention and was deemed to be, “the worst song ever” with more then 160 million views. Countless parodies later, the video was removed from YouTube after a controversy as to who owned the rights to the video.

With the debut of her new single and music video,  “My Moment” receiving more then 17 million views in just one week, is Rebecca Black a new social media icon? Or is Black foreshadowing for the downfall in online credibility?

TNW shows the top 10 YouTube videos of 2010 and a little less than half of them embarrass me to say that they are the top viewed videos last year. Number four especially, Annoying Orange Wazzup, which consists of apples, oranges and bananas saying “whatzzup” at each other with human eyes and mouths, until the apple is cut in half, then they all start screaming. Have we really resorted to letting talking fruit entertain us enough to get 38 million views? The winner with nearly 86 million views is the Bed Intruder Song, which creates a song out of a news broadcast about a woman who was attacked in her bed by an intruder. The song makes fun of what the brother says in the report, essentially coming off as racist and judgmental.

I can’t say that all the top 10 YouTube videos show us a downgrade in online credibility. One, in fact, shocked and amazed me, Greyson Chance, a 12-year-old boy who in the video played the piano and sang the song “Paparazzi,” originally by Lady Gaga. This young boy plays and sings with more passion and talent then many famous artists do. I personally think he may be giving Lady Gaga a run for her money.

Although I’m sure we can all admit to indulging in some sort of ridiculous online video, I think we can at least say that’s not all the web has to offer us. Even though Rebecca Black has obtained her claim to fame through an obnoxious song and music video, her rise to fame could give hope to the people who actually have talent that maybe someday it’ll work for them too. Who knows, maybe 10 years down the road Greyson Chance will get that record deal instead of Rebecca Black.

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